We want to refine the program for work organizations as much as possible and adapt it to the expectations of employees, which is why we’ve conducted individual workshops on a pilot basis and listened to feedback with interest.

Innovative program offers an experience of creation with a reflection of the well-being and knowledge of creation. We named the workshops that include working with clay “clayfulness”, as we include elements of mindfulness. With the workshops, we want to strengthen employees to better face life’s challenges, solve problems, become aware of the importance of developing new interests and improve mutual communication. We are convinced that the experience of creation leads to the desired goals, and this is also proven by research.

We had a great opportunity to conduct the workshop as part of the study days of the Slovene Organization for Supervision, Coaching and Organizational Consulting, on September 18, 2022 in the Karst region. The responses were good, which made us especially happy, as it is a professional audience with a lot of experience working with people. We have already incorporated their feedback into our program.

This was followed by a workshop with a group of female teachers from Lendava who were on a study visit to the Center for Communication, Hearing and Speech Portorož, the project leader. Guests have kindly provided us with feedback:

“The clay workshop completely met my expectations. The content of mindfulness was an added value that led us into a relaxed atmosphere. I especially liked the workshop, the result of which was a joint product. The atmosphere was excellent, mentors with a lot of knowledge and positive energy.”

“In the first part of the workshop, they included elements of mindfulness, which made me very relaxed and calm. I was a little worried when making the cup, because of the feeling of inability to shape the clay. With good guidance, I managed to design my first cup. But I liked the last workshop the most, where we worked in a team.”

“At the workshop of Cona b.p. I realized that clay, as a natural material, is not only a means of creating a final product, but that “working” with it primarily relaxes and calms the body and spirit. From the initial calmness, we reached the final playfulness through the group bonding workshop or activity. Thank you for the unique experience and successful future work.”